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1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Croall D-back Limousine.

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An impressively substantial, very handsome and well-proportioned traditional limousine, in generally smart, sound condition. Nicely painted in black and pale yellow, although there are some blemishes and defects to the paintwork, but overall the appearance is good, attractively set off by the polished aluminium wheel discs, correct P100 headlights and rear-mounted trunk. The interior is black leather to the front and totally appropriate beige corded cloth to the rear, which is relatively recent and in excellent condition, as are the headlining and carpets. A large, spacious car, running nicely, offered serviced, prepared and newly MoT tested.

  • Chassis No. 2GN
  • Reg No. CSJ 659
  • Price £58,500
  • Finance

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