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The cars listed below are all with us here on the premises, so you can see them all in one visit! Cars are listed chronologically - earliest to latest. Rolls-Royce first, followed by Bentley, then 'Other Makes'. By clicking on the photo of the car that you like the look of, you can see the individual page relating to that car, and more photos, including a gallery of high resolution images.


More cars always wanted. Please let us know if you have, or know of, a car of 'our' type for sale.


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1929 20/25 Park Ward Two Door Four Light Saloon. Price Reduced!

Chassis No. GXO80

A very early, lightweight, vintage, 20/25 enthusiastically owned and well fettled. Smart with lovely deep brown leather amply seating four people. Drives really well and benefits from overdrive.

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1930 Rolls-Royce 20/25 H.J.Mulliner Drophead Coupe with Dickey Seat.

Chassis No. GGP35

A sweet, attractive car in very appealing correct condition, upgraded with overdrive. Vintage charm with 20/25 performance. Recent 50 year ownership.

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1932 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental H.J.Mulliner Two Door, Two Seat Drophead Coupe.

Chassis No. 28MS

An exciting, rare and very desirable car, in good order throughout, which was with one family from 1960 until 2018. Lots of history. Now back on original registration number, GY 4050 and fitted with a new cylinder head.

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1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Salmons 'Tickford' Cabriolet.

Chassis No. GRW52

A lovely example of a rare and desirable car. In excellent condition, well maintained and fitted with overdrive.

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1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Park Ward D-back Limousine.

Chassis No. GRW2

Smart condition, handsome and very well cared for at great expense. Fitted with overdrive, stainless exhaust, and has a large sunroof! Recent engine refurbishment.

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1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Freestone & Webb Owner Driver Saloon.

Chassis No. GRW62

A handsome car in fine condition, and unusually, fitted with power steering. Sold by us in 1998, and just back from the same owner.

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1934 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Hooper D Back Limousine.

Chassis No. GHA41

A good, clean, traditional and handsome car, just out of storage, re-commissioned, running and driving nicely.
Sale Agreed

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1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Thrupp & Maberly Three Position Drophead Coupe.

Chassis No. GAF81

A very attractive, well proportioned and desirable car in lovely condition. Running nicely and finished in a lovely shade of deep blue.

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1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Windovers Saloon.

Chassis No. GLG68

A strong, healthy car performing very nicely. Very smart inside and out, and benefits from an engine overhaul and new cylinder head a few years ago.

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1936 Rolls-Royce 25/30 Hooper Limousine with Sunroof.

Chassis No. GRM60

Smart, sound, spacious and driving nicely. One owner 1986 to 2016, recent new cylinder head.

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1937 Rolls-Royce Wraith Park Ward Saloon.

Chassis No. WXA6

A very early example, originally a pre-production prototype. Handsome owner-driver saloon in very nice condition.

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1938 Rolls-Royce 25/30 Park Ward Four Door 'Allweather' Cabriolet. Price now reduced significantly!

Chassis No. GGR54

A very rare, stylish, spacious and possibly unique four door cabriolet of interesting, almost rakish design with some appealing features. In good order.

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1933 Bentley 3 Litre Barker Sporting Two Door Drophead Coupe.

Chassis No. B17AE

A striking and rather special car, being a very early chassis with a slightly later stylish, compact Barker body. In lovely condition.

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1934 Bentley 3 Litre H.J.Mulliner Two Door, Four Seat Sports Saloon.

Chassis No. B66AH

An attractive, unusual, slim-pillared saloon in lovely condition inside and out. Very nicely painted and upholstered.

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1934 Bentley 3 Litre Barker Drophead Coupe.

Chassis No. B117AE

An early, open Derby Bentley. Smart, handsome, desirable, original-bodied car in an attractive colour scheme.

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1935 Bentley 3 Litre 'Cutaway Door' Drophead Coupe.

Chassis No. B192DG

An attractive car, benefitting from a very high quality recent bare metal repaint, new cylinder head and full re-wire.

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1935 Bentley 3 Litre Park Ward Sports Saloon.

Chassis No. B195DK

A lovely, sharp and very smart example, the subject of 120,000 of expenditure. Full ownership record.
Sale Agreed

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1937 Bentley 4 Litre Vanden Plas Three Position Drophead Coupe. Price reduced.

Chassis No. B45KU

A very good all round example, benefitting from huge expenditure. Upgraded to MX overdrive gearbox.

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1939 Bentley 4 Litre Experimental Car.

Chassis No. 3B50

A truly unique car, holding a very significant place in the history of Bentley Motors, having been used extensively for testing during the war years, and ultimately leading to the early birth of the MKVI model in 1946. Like no other Bentley model built. Sound, scruffy, running well and MoT tested until June 2024.

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1939 Bentley 4 Litre Overdrive Park Ward Sports Saloon.

Chassis No. B67MX

Rare 'M' series overdrive car, in excellent touring condition, very thoroughly prepared at great expense.

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1947 Bentley MKVI Sports Saloon.

Chassis No. B119BG

An early example, in very good, sound condition, well maintained, driving nicely. Appealing, early style interior.

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1953 Bentley R Type Manual Sports Saloon.

Chassis No. B303TO

A good, correct, sound example, finished in an attractive shade of deep blue, with mature red leather interior. Recent engine overhaul, lots of paperwork.

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1954 Bentley R Type Continental H.J.Mulliner Two Door Fastback.

Chassis No. BC68C

Superb example of this iconic model. Manual gearbox and in fabulous condition throughout. P&A Wood restoration in the 2000s. Multiple award winner.
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1954 Bentley R Type Manual Sports Saloon.

Chassis No. B184WH

A very nice, manual gearbox version, in an unusual, vibrant shade of blue. Smart, sound and good all round.

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1954 Bentley R Type Automatic Sports Saloon.

Chassis No. B244UM

A smart example, just out of an ownership of nearly fifty years! Running well, and with a No.1 registration.
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1955 Bentley R Type Continental Automatic H.J.Mulliner Fastback.

Chassis No. BC3E

Utterly original, undisturbed, low mileage, late example with 4.9 litre engine and automatic gearbox. Comes with history and is fabulously appealing. Find another one like this!

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1957 Bentley S1 Four Door Sports Saloon.

Chassis No. B95EK

A lovely, correct and appealing example in Sage green and Smoke green with original tan leather and the advantage of power steering.
Sale Agreed

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1958 Bentley S1 Continental H.J.Mulliner Two Door Fastback.

Chassis No. BC6EL

A delightfully original example of a very sought after model, in excellent, smart and sound condition. Appealing, correct, subtle two-tone colour scheme.

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1962 Bentley S2 Continental H.J.Mulliner Two Door Sports Saloon.

Chassis No. BC87CZ

A very fine sharp, smart and desirable car in an extremely attractive colour scheme of very dark blue with mid blue leather. As clean underneath as on top! Fabulous.

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1963 Bentley S3 Continental H.J.Mulliner 'Chinese Eye' Two Door Fixed Head Coupe.

Chassis No. BC174XA

Lovely colour scheme, sound, smart and In very good order, Tried and tested, ready to go!

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1965 Bentley S3 Continental James Young Sports Saloon.

Chassis No. BC46XE

A very smart example of a rare and attractive car, driving really nicely. Lovely colour scheme and good history file.

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Other Makes

1927 Sunbeam 16hp Four Door Open Tourer.

Chassis No. 5668HG

Delightfully original, shabby, sound correct and driving well. Has artillery wheels, side screens and Auster screen..

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1955 Aston Martin DB 2/4 2.9 Litre Drophead Coupe.

Chassis No. LML1056

Rare, right hand drive, UK delivered new, very smart and in excellent condition with history.

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1968 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage Automatic.

Chassis No. DB6 3468R

A very smart example in delightful dark Oxford blue with black leather. UK delivered new, matching numbers, all correct and lovely!

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1974 Ferrari 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer

Chassis No. 17649

A rare, right hand drive, UK from new example, fully restored a few years ago, and in excellent condition. Rare and desirable Blu Chiaro, as originally supplied.

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1989/2017 Jaguar Royale Automatic Special Coupe.

Chassis No. JR17022017RHD0100.

This car was fabulously built in 2017, to a very high standard, based upon an XJS. An extremely attractive, very high quality, rakish coupe with divided front and rear screens. Effectively a new car, not yet run in.

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