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1934 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Running Chassis.

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Until quite recently, this chassis was fitted with a hearse body, in poor condition, which was removed in preparation for new coachwork to be constructed. Unfortunately, this did not go ahead, but as a result there is now an opportunity to acquire a complete, undisturbed chassis in good, sound order. The engine runs well and we have driven it around our yard, albeit noisily, due to part of the exhaust system being missing, demonstrating that all major functions are intact. The engine sounds good, there are no visible signs of head or block problems, virtually all ancillaries are correct and in place, instruments are in the dashboard and more or less everything that would have originally been supplied by the factory remains intact. Comes with a UK V5 registration document. Such projects are tough to find these days!

  • Chassis No. GGA80
  • Reg No. WJ 8666
  • Price SOLD
  • Finance

Snippets: Silverware and Perspex

The first owner of GGA80 was the Silversmith - Emile Viner (in 1925 he & his brother Adolphe changed their surname from Viener by deed-poll) & the car was delivered to Emile at their factory at 1 Victoria Road, Broomhall Park, Sheffield. Although the company had been established in the early 1900s the hallmark for Viners Silverware Ltd was not registered until 1932 by Emile Viner in the form of “E.V”. During WWII Viners supplied the army with Bayonets for use on .303 cal Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 5 Mk 1, the bayonets were stamped with either “VNS” or with Viner’s dispersal code of N79. During WWII GGA80 was the firm Moon Aircraft Ltd of Box in Wiltshire, the company was a subsidiary of the Bath & Portland Stone Firms Ltd and during the war the skills of the firm’s stone masons were used in manufacturing precision cockpits for aircraft. After WWII Moon Aircraft produced lampshades, soap-trays etc as they had discovered that Perspex could be treated like wood – ie turned, sawn, filed and polished. By 1946 Moon Aircraft Ltd had closed down and GGA80 had been sold to a Mr. A. R. Julian of Bexley, Kent; before long GGA80 was with Mascot Motors of London who converted the car to a Hearse.

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