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Himalaya 2006

The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Freestone & Webb Touring Limousine.

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A very handsome, sweeping design, which in some ways reflects the Hooper ‘Empress’ design, with full spats to the rear wheels, etc, but on the other hand with its own individuality as well, making this car something special. Freestone & Webb bodies stand in a class of their own, being well constructed, incorporating some individual touches and this one is no exception. Very nicely finished in deep blue, the interior is also lovely, with excellent blue leather, cocktail cabinet, occasional seats, electric windows all round and a rear sunroof, as well as an impressive, original toolkit. The car is solid, the doors closing with a satisfying ‘click’, & correct throughout. Until a couple of years ago, the car was with one owner in the USA for forty years, residing in the dry heat of Las Vegas, which has no doubt helped preserve it, and contributed to the very sound condition it is still in today. Driving nicely, and MoT tested until March 2015.

Chassis No. CLW12.                                                          Reg No. 901 YUL.                                             £57,500. 

Snippets:  High Court to High Roller

Delivered to W. S. Boas, a Substitute District Judge for the Court which was located in the Haag, Amsterdam. At the time W.S. Boas was a resident at the Doelen Hotel in Amsterdam.  This magnificent building dating back to 1627 has recently been identified as the “Kloveniersdoelen” for which Rembrandt originally painted his “Night Watch”.   In 2009 after many years of research Dudok van Heel has managed to identify each of the 18 figures depicted within the portrait, no mean task indeed.  Famous visitors to the Doelen Hotel include: The Beatles, Queen Victoria & the Empress Sissi, daughter of Duke Maximilian of Bavaria & wife of Emperor Franz Joseph – her cousin who was initially affianced to her sister!  In 1867 Empress Sissi was crowned Queen of Hungary & she ruled for 44 years until her assassination in 1898!  By November 1955 CLW12 had returned to England and it is noted on the chassis cards that the owner was then Louis R Rawlings of 37 Grosvenor Square, earlier occupants of this property include : the Duke of Bolton, the Marquis Londonderry, the Hon Lawson JP & Baron Wenlock.  In the 1970’s the car was shipped to USA & and led a somewhat glamorous life mingling with the stars of the big screen with roles in the films Ocean’s Eleven & High Roller!

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