Phantom V 5VA77



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Tom Pryce Award
Himalaya 2006

The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1963 Rolls-Royce Phantom V James Young Limousine.

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A rare and sought after ‘PV15’ design James Young bodied Phantom, in good sound condition, nicely finished in Black & Burgundy, with excellent chrome, etc, and upholstered in beige leather front & rear, with lovely veneers and an illuminated cocktail cabinet. The body is lovely and straight, with excellent door gaps, etc, which is not always the case! The car has been stored for a considerable time, and we are planning to re-commission, service and prepare the car before sale, but as an alternative, we can offer a discount ‘as is’.

Chassis No. 5VA77.                                     Reg No. 729 FXO.                            £75,000.

Snippets: The first owner was David Allen Wickens, an enterprising gentleman who, when WWII broke out was working in S.Africa with the accountancy firm of Deloitte & Co.; rather than return to the UK during these hazardous times David enlisted in the S.A. Navy, he was later seconded to the British Navy - his brother Officers included Edward du Cann (politician) & Owen Aisher (yachtsman/entrepreneur).  In 1946 David & one of his brothers co-founded the Southern Counties Car Auctions, later renamed as BCA, this resulted in David leaving the Navy “as fast as he could” in order to further his business!  During his business career he became known as the “rescuer of Lotus” & was a close friend of both Denis & Mark Thatcher.  When David purchased 5AV77 in 1963 he gave his home address as 99 Park Lane, W1, other residents of this address have included Sir Moses Montefiore (1784/1885) Sheriff of London (1837/8) &  brother-in-law of Nathan Mayer Rothschild.  In 1846 Moses received a baronetcy in recognition of his humanitarian efforts on behalf of the Jewish nation.  Such was Sir Moses’ standing within the Jewish community that in 1884 his 100th birthday was declared a public holiday in Jewish communities around the world.  During the 1970s the chassis cards show that 5VA77 was in the USA but the owner also had property on the Ave du Chateau de Bertin, alongside the River Seine in Paris.  In 1762 Henri-Leonard Bertin purchased the land in order to build himself a magnificent Chateau, the castle grounds contained a Chinese House, Orangery & the Nymphaeum Grotto (designed by Soufflot).  In 1781 Henri Bertin sold his Chateau to the Marchioness of Feucheres prior to the Revolution)  Bertin lived until 1792 in Spa but the Marchioness  was beheaded in 1794.  By 1923 the Chateau had been demolished and today only the Nymphaeum remains as proof that it ever existed.  The last owner of 5VA77 was “Bud” Korteweg who used to race the “Sassy Brat”, a race boat fitted with an Allison V-12, the same power-plant used in the British Spitfires during WWII.  Bud Korteweg later purchased the old William J Weir Estate in River Edge which had been used as a backdrop for a Mae West silent movie! 

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