Phantom III 3CM1



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The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Windovers Sedanca de Ville.

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Substantial, chunky, honest, original and appealing are all adjectives that apply to this car, which also has a charm difficult to portray. Although the paintwork is fairly recent, and not to a great standard, somehow it doesn’t matter, as the underlying car speaks more than this superficial outer layer. It is apparent that there has been good quality work carried out in recent times, and with a bit more TLC the car will be ready for the road. The engine runs smoothly, the car is correct and good-looking, and has lots of charm. The car has been serviced, prepared, British registered, and MoT tested until July 2014. Four new Firestone tyres and tubes just fitted.

Chassis No. 3CM1.                                 Reg No. 761 YUD.                     £75,000.

Snippets: Mustard, Mills & MacNab

Delivered to Sir Nigel C.D. Colman a scion of the mustard family, Sir Nigel’s hobby was breeding, judging & showing horses throughout the UK & was chairman of the British Horse Society from 1952/55.  In 1890 his parents had purchased Nork Park, Epson which had been built in 1740 by Sir Christopher Buckle (1684/1759) & remained in the Buckle family until 1847 when it was purchased by the Earl of Egmont (an Irish Peerage). In his equine breeding programme Sir Nigel used the name “Nork” as his pedigree nomenclature – Nork Magnet, Nork Monitor to name two of them.  Nigel didn’t marry until 1952 when he was a sprightly 66 years of age, the same year that he was created a Baronet.  Within 12 months the car was registered to a H. J. Clorney who was living at the Ritz Hotel in London.  It would appear that the car was with HJC during the war period & in 1945 after the war 3CM1 had become the possession of J. M. Lawton of Jaymel Mills, Bradford.  In 1956 3CM1 was registered to Kearsley Airways of London, this company began life in 1947 as a charter company flying Dakotas but by April 1950 ceased operating as a charter company & moved their premises from Whitehall to Dorland House in Regent Street.  The post-war rebuilding of Dorland House was designed by the Scottish architect John James Joass (1868/1952), his pre-war designs included the Mappin & Webb office, Oxford St & the Royal Insurance Buildings, St James St & Piccadilly.  Joass’s hobby was sailing & he designed his ocean racer  “Macnab” himself which he raced in the 1935, ’37 & ‘47 Fastnet race.

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