Phantom III 3AZ190



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The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1936 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Inskip Saloon.

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This car appeared in the film 'Pan's Labyrinth' in 2006, and can be seen about 12 seconds into this clip: 

A very unusual, compact and relatively lightweight saloon body, with a style reminiscent of a slightly earlier period than its date gives this car an interesting ‘edge’ over other PIIIs. Bodied by Inskip of New York, and sold there new, only coming to the UK recently. The car is nicely sound and correct, with an appealing, original interior – black leather front, beige cloth rear- incorporating a division and some impressive inlaid woodwork. Offered prepared, MoT tested until August 2014, and UK registered. 

Chassis No. 3AZ190.                               Reg No. 793 YUD.                           £65,000.

Snippets:  The Laconia Order & Pan’s Labyrinth:  3AZ190 sailed on the unlucky vessel named the SS Laconia.  The 1st SS Laconia launched in 1911 was sunk in 1917 by the German U-50, she was later nicknamed the “Silver Queen” as at the time of her torpedoing she was carrying silver worth over $100million!  The 2nd SS Laconia was launched as a cruiser in 1921, requisitioned & converted into an armed merchant cruiser by the Admiralty in 1939 & sunk in 1942 by the German U-156 under the command of Werner Hartenstein!  The resulting rescue attempts of the passengers & crew of the Laconia by Hartenstein & other U-boats led to what is called the “Laconia Order” issued by Donitz, this made it absolutely clear that no U-boats were to take part in any rescue operations from that date.  Fortunately for 3AZ190 on the occasion of her being shipped from UK to New York in October 1936 her journey was uneventful!  The new owner of 3AZ190 was Edward Willis Bill, a very successful importer & manufacturer of a large variety of hats.  E W Bill formed his first company Bill & Caldwell in 1886 & in 1908 when Mr Caldwell died E W Bill became the sole proprietor.  His only son, William Coe Bill followed in his father’s footsteps and in 1903 William started his own millinery business in Hartford.  W. C. Bill was a member of many Masonic Lodges including the Sphinx Temple, the Knights Templar & the unusually named Pythagoras Chapter.  In 2006 3AZ190 featured in the award winning film “Pan’s Labyrinth”, directed by Guillermo del Toro, other films associated with del Toro are “Pacific Rim”, “Mimic” & “Blade II” & “Cronos”.

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