Phantom III 3AX125



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Tom Pryce Award
Himalaya 2006

The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Barker Limousine.

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   A solid, rather stylish, correct and very appealing limousine, pleasingly original throughout, finished in black & dark blue, with scruffy blue leather to the front, and unusual blue cloth to the rear. The doors close with a delightful ‘clunk’ and the body structure seems to be excellent. The car has had a total of six owners from new, one of them for more than thirty years, and this is confirmed by paperwork with the car, which includes the original logbook! A substantial car, running well, no overheating, recent new carburettor and radiator core, and MoT tested until December 2015.

Chassis No. 3AX125.                                                    Reg No. DLD22.                                                      £49,500.

Snippets: Wills, Wellington & Wigan!!

Initially ordered by W. Melville Wills, a scion of the Wills Tobacco family, but for reasons unknown he cancelled his order which was taken up by Edward Arthur Wigan of Conholt Park, Hampshire.  Prior to EA Wigan buying Conholt Park in 1904 it had been the home of Lady Augusta Sophia Anne Pierrepoint daughter-in-law of the Duke of Wellington.  Her husband, Lord Charles Wellesley, died at Conholt Park in 1858 aged 50 but because his elder brother (2nd Duke of Wellington) died in 1884  without issue the title of Duke of Wellington was inherited by Charles & Augusta’s eldest son Henry, he also died without issue & in turn his younger brother, Arthur, succeeded to the title.  In his spare time EA Wigan was a noted breeder of Aberdeen Angus cattle with titles such as Georgina of Conholt, Jubilee of Conholt, Lady Rose of Conholt etc in their pedigree.  EA Wigan’s brother-in-law was General Mainwaring who enjoyed big game shooting in Africa, India & the Himalayas.  His first Trophy was a Hartebeest which he shot in S. Africa which he later lost when the British Force he was with was overrun by Zulu Impis at the Battle of Isandlwhana.!  He later wrote a book about his big game hunting experiences with photos taken by his companion Major Bonham Christie.

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