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Tom Pryce Award
Himalaya 2006

The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1928 LHD Rolls-Royce Phantom I Brewster Saloon.

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Original records describe this car as a ‘Special 4 place Sedan’, which perhaps indicates that it is the only one built to this design. Certainly, it is unusual, and at the same time attractive and stylish, being six light, without division, and well balanced in appearance, aided by the twin side-mounted spare wheels. It is apparent just by looking, that the car has undergone a great deal of high quality restoration work, including an excellent re-paint and top quality re-trim in black leather, with excellent headlining, carpets, woodwork, etc, including exposed internal roofing slats, giving character and appeal. Wonderful body structure – the door closing with a lovely ‘click’. There is also evidence of much mechanical restoration, and the underside is as clean as a whistle! 

Chassis No. S162RP.                                     Reg No. BF 6299.                              £75,000.

Snippets:  Hoover’s Dentist & Steffens double-brother-in-law

Delivered to Dr A. H. Suggett of San Francisco. he was the personal dentist of Herbert Hoover (President of USA 1929/1933).  In his inner circle Dr. Suggett was known as the man who was twice Lincoln Steffens brother-in-law! This occurred as Dr Suggett’s marriage to Louise Steffens ended in 1917 upon her tragic death & twelve months later in 1918 Dr Suggett remarried, this time to Louise’s younger sister - Laura. Dr. Suggett’s brother-in-law Lincoln Steffens was a well known journalist who was famous for his investigative articles which exposed both city & state corruption.  Laura & her younger sister, Lottie  both studied psychology in Germany with Lottie being the first woman to be awarded a doctorate in psychology by Gottingen University; Lottie went on to marry John Hollister a Califonian cattle rancher & financier.  Their son, John Hollister was elected to the California State Senate in 1955.  Dr & Mrs Suggett had not one, but two Rolls-Royce cars and were often seen on Sunday’s motoring from one address to another whilst on their social visits.  The Butler Building, Dr Suggett’s business address, almost collapsed in the 1906 earthquake & as a result of the walls peeling away several people died, today the building is part of “Macy’s”.  The next known owner of S162PR is Louis E Roehrigh who lived at the Gold Gulch Ranch which was on the famous Route 66.  L. E. Roehrigh took over the property in the 1950s and used it to house his famous collection of guns & antique cars so that passersby could see them.  By 1971 the car was with H. Ward Gandy whose grandfather Harry W. Glover built his first garage in 1912 in Redding, Glovers were the agents for Hupmobile & Maxwell motor cars & in 1920 they acquired the Studebaker dealership. 

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