Bentley R Type B190YD



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The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1954 Bentley R Type Automatic Two Door Convertible.

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Converted from a four door saloon, initially into a two door coupe, and then later into a rather handsome convertible, this car has benefited from various work in the last year, and now makes a useable, interesting and unique open four seater. Would perhaps benefit from some cosmetic improvement, but basically a good car, running and driving very nicely, and MoT tested until September 2015. Automatic gearbox.

Chassis No. B190YD.                             Reg No. RAS 832.                      £49,500.

Snippets: Delivered to W Turner, a partner in the sheet metal firm of Turner & Savage Ltd.  Turner & Savage’s customers included the coachwork company of Park Ward & Co Ltd - in 1926 Turner & Savage issued a Winding Up order against Park Ward in respect of unpaid invoices which they duly paid! During the 1970’s B190YD was with Paul Plasson a resident of St Mary’s Mansion in Little Venice, London.  These mansion blocks first appears in the late 1800s and were initially unpopular as they were associated with the “free artisan style of living” in Paris!”  This period of redevelopment coincided with the revival of the Queen Anne style with distinctive features such as turrets, wrought-iron details & the red & cream brickwork.  It was during the 1980s that B190YD was transformed by Mackenzie Coachworks into a 2 door coupe – the 3rd special bodied car that they had done for their client who was a designer based in New York.

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