Bentley MKVI Special B291EW



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The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1949 Bentley MKVI Open Special.

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A very handsome special, with radiator lowered and moved back, vertical fuel tank with spare wheel mounted behind, etc, and designed in such a way that it really does look attractive and well-balanced from all angles. Sits low, and looks sporty and purposeful, squatting on its chunky radial tyres, but at the same time easy to drive, and you don’t need to be a contortionist to get into it, which can be the case sometimes! Ideal for fine weather fun runs, etc. MoT tested until May 2014.

Chassis No. B291EW.                                 Reg No. HFG 375.                         £42,500.

Snippets: Scandalous Connections

Lt Col Sir Myers Wayman took delivery of B291EW in April 1950 at his home of Coanwood in Sunderland, built in 1908 by the Rankin brothers who at the time were the premier builders of Sunderland.  In 1943 Lt. Col Wayman son, Flight Lt Michael Myers Wyman was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in 1943.  On the 20th March 1943 after having taken part in their Mosquito aircraft on an air-raid on the Louvain & Malines Railway yards their aircraft was hit by flak which damaged one of their engines, both Wayman & Clear died when their aircraft crashed upon their 2nd landing attempt.  Lt. Col Sir Myers Wayman received an OBE in 1951 for his role within the National Savings Committee & in 1959 was appointed a Knight of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.  By 1950 B291EW was with  Sir Charles Mortimer Tollemache Smith-Ryland, KCVO of Sherbourne Park.  The Smith family did not add Ryland to their family until 1889 as a result of the will of Louisa Ann Ryland.  Louisa had inherited substantial properties from her parents including the family home of Sherbourne Park, the story is that Louisa, who never married, had a romantic attachment to a certain Henry Smith.  Upon her death in 1889 she left an extraordinarily long & complex will (equivalent to £130million in today’s money) mentioning over 100 individuals!  The individual heirs, unless they were named Ryland or members of the nobility were to add “Ryland” to their surname or forfeit their inheritance. 

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