Bentley MKVI B272LJ



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Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1951 Bentley MKVI H.J.Mulliner Saloon.

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An attractive, coachbuilt MKVI, in sound condition, not used for some time, but now mechanically re-commissioned and driving well. The body is sound, and the engine runs very nicely, sounding healthy.  One of the first Mulliners built of this later popular ‘long wing’ design, being well balanced and handsome to many eyes. An interesting period in the cars history is a period spent in Africa, for which we have a copy of an article taken from an RREC magazine of 1975. Fundamentally good and sound, complete & correct, fitted with five new tyres, and MoT tested until February 2016.

Chassis No. B272LJ.                               Reg No. MGJ 473.                          £22,500.

Snippets.   Delivered to A H Currie at Moulsham Lodge, Chelmsford previously the lodge house to Mouslham Hall, built in 1564 & then re-designed in 1730 by the Venetian architect Giacomo Leoni for Benjamin Mildmay, the 1st Earl FitzWalter.  The Mildmay family were the dominant family of the region from the mid 1500s to the mid 1800s but by 1784 the direct male line of the Mildmay’s was extinct & in 1809  Moulsham Hall was demolished.  The surviving Dowager FitzWalter relocated to her other seat in Dogmersfield with the family estate being sold in its entirety in 1830.  In 1899 Guglielmo Marconi “The father of wireless” opened the first radio factory in the world in Moulsham in a disused silk mill.  A.H. Currie’s father Robert Harvey Currie, a gentleman dairy farmer with a prize winning herd of Friesian cattle.  In 1915 he took delivery of a new Fowler-Wyles single cylinder plough which had been designed to appeal to those farmers who preferred their plough to be in front of them, John Fowler went on to built a monster machine capable of some 6 furrows!  During the 1960s B272LJ had a journey of a life time with Andrew Ayres through East Africa – a copy of the article he wrote about this trip is with the car.

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