Bentley MKVI B108MD



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Tom Pryce Award
Himalaya 2006

The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1951 Bentley MKVI 'Big Bore' Saloon.

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Delivered new to Australia, and consequently remarkably solid and free of rust. Has only been in the UK for a few years, and to help preserve it, has been ‘Dinitrol’ corrosion protected, including injection of sills, etc. In addition, there are unusual features such as export specification bumpers, air filter and dust-proofing package, bench type front seat, etc, all of which make the car that bit ‘out of the ordinary’. Otherwise, clean, tidy and correct, painted in its original two shades of grey, with original interior, running sweetly and driving extremely well, with a ‘go anywhere’ feel to it. Virtually complete toolkit, handbook, etc, included, as well as an interesting history file, confirming much of its life and ownership. MoT tested until January 2014.

Chassis No. B108MD.                                 Reg No. 776 UXH.                             £27,500.

Snippets: Ordered by & delivered to Jim “Ironbark” Davey at Granite Downs Station, Oodnadatta, South Australia.  Jim had extensive holdings in the Northern Territories where he ran herds of cattle & horses.  His nickname of “Ironbark” is taken from the generic name for Eucalyptus – were the dead bark instead of shedding, accumulates & therefore becomes resistant to fire & heat which enables it to protect the living tissue underneath.  Jim was often seen driving B108MD when he went to inspect his stations including Singleton Station on Davenport Range.  After selling Granite Downs Jim Davey purchased a Hotel at Aileron (about 85 miles from Alice Springs) where he built & equipped a rodeo at a cost in excess of $8,000.  For the major events such as Australia Day he provided 40 horses, 30 steers, 16 bulls and 12 donkeys!  The hotel is still in existence and above it stands a 57ft statue of the Anmatyerr Man.

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