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The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1952 Bentley MKVI 'Big Bore' Saloon.

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A good useable example of the desirable ‘big bore, small boot’ MKVI, in sound order, correct in all ways, and driving particularly nicely, with a very lively engine, which ‘feels as though it wants to go’! The car has been with us in the past, so we know it from then, and can recommend it as being ready to use. Complete with an absolutely complete tool kit in the tray under the dashboard, with handbook just beneath, large tools in correct clips in the boot,  a useful file of history, and the original logbook, dated Jan 9th, 1952. 

Chassis No. B186NZ.                                     Reg No. GNJ 147.                           £26,500.

Snippets:  The Apple of The President’s Eye.  Ordered for & used by Thomas R. Harrington, son of the founder of Harringtons.  Thomas Harrington Snr (1859/1929) was based in Brighton where his first coachbuilder experience was gained in the building of light horse drawn wheeled conveyances – flys, wagonettes & landaus.  After only 3 years business had grown & diversified into motor vehicles and Thomas moved from Church Street to King Street, Brighton.  Shortly after Thomas Snr’s death Harringtons moved into new purpose built premises known as Sackville works, the factory covered some 7 acres and after WWII the company had over 600 employees.  Thomas Jnr & his brother were joint Managing Director & Chairman of firm until 1960, Thomas R. Harrington passed away in 1963, aged 80 years old.  Early in 1961 the Rootes family gained a financial stake when Harringtons were purchased by the Robins and Day group who were owned by the Rootes family, but privately and outside the Rootes Group.

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