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Tom Pryce Award
Himalaya 2006

The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1936 Bentley 4 1/4 Park Ward Drophead Coupe.

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 An early 4¼, in good, sound condition, running and driving nicely, correct and attractive, with a neatly folding hood which drops below the waistline, giving a handsome and clean appearance. The deep red leather interior – although very useable – could do with some improvement, and the paintwork too is not great, but again, very useable, as is the whole car.  An opportunity to acquire a decent drophead at a sensible price. Just completely re-wired in correct, cotton-covered cable, re-commissioned, fitted with a new stainless steel exhaust system and MoT tested until August 2013.

Chassis No. B19GP.                               Reg No. CXU 304.                            £95,000.

Snippets:  Zulu & Cider & Turncoats Delivered to Mrs A Lindsay-Fynn, wife of Basil Mortimer Lindsay-Fynn (Kt 1982). Her father-in-law was Newenham (sometimes spelt Newnham) Wight Fynn (the Lindsay was the maiden name of N. W. Fynn’s 2nd wife Annie Cecilia Victoria – his 1st wife was also named Annie!), N. W. Fynn’s occupation was variously described as an “African Trader” & Merchant.  During the 1800s there was an English trader & adventurer by the name of Henry Francis Fynn saved the life of the Zulu leader – Shaka; as a result of this H.F. Fynn was given unprecedented access to the Zulu people & his diary (1824/36) is acknowledged as being the best record of Shaka & the emergence of the Zulu nation.  In December 1947 the name shown on the chassis card is William Reading Bufton of Widemarsh, Hereford; his company William Evans & Co was a manufactuer of cider & pectin; in 1946 WR Bufton’s firm was taken over by Webbs (Aberbeeg) Ltd of which Sir Basil was a director, within Gwent archives are correspondence and deeds between Webbs & Bufton dating as far back at 1890 which shows the company’s early business dealings.  In 1951 B19GP was with another lady owner – Marjorie Wilkes Coote of Place Barton in Ashton, between 1320/1745 this property was the seat of the Chudleighs – during the war of the Roundheads Sir George Chudleigh began the war as a Parliamentarian but transferred his loyalty to the King.

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