Bentley 3 1/2 Litre B54AH



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The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1934 Bentley 3 1/2 Litre Park Ward Sports Saloon.

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A nice example of an early, attractive Park Ward saloon, in good, sound condition, with excellent door fit, closing with a pleasant ‘click’. Well finished in grey/grey, and very well re-upholstered in red leather. An unostentatious, everyday useable car, in appealing, understated colours, but at the same time bright and sharp, complimented by the array of lamps, horns and badges. Feels good and tight on the road, drives well, and MoT tested until March 2014The engine has just been refurbished, with new pistons & liners, etc, a new clutch, four new tyres, and much more besides, recently completed. 

Chassis No. B54AH.                             Reg No. PO 9559.                       £49,500.

Snippets: The Indian connection

Col Evelyn William Margesson, a career soldier took delivery of B54AH when he was 70yrs old.  Whilst serving in India with the army the Colonel saw action at the Chitral Relief Force in 1895 (N.W. Province of Pakistan) and in 1897 he was with the Tirah Expeditionary Force; at the turn of the century he was posted to S. Africa where he served in what is known as the 2nd Boer War (1900/2). Colonel E. W. Margesson was raised at the family home of Findon Place which his father Lt Col W. G. Margesson (Kt of Legion of Honour & Turkish Medal) had purchased in 1872 & which Evelyn inherited in 1911, upon his death in 1944 (in suspicious circumstance in a bathtub) Col Margesson left an estate of £225,000 to be divided into 15 equal shares, including 1 share to Mann, his chauffeur, a gentleman described by members of the Colonel’s family as devious!  The Colonel’s will had no less than 15 codicils, all of which were in Mann’s favour.  The next name on the chassis card is Harold Stephen Bigg-Wither (born in India 1887);  in 1872 his father Thomas Plantagenet Bigg-Withers was attached to an expedition sanctioned by the Emperor of Brazil to survey land for a railway.  In 1882 he was employed by the Bengal Central Railway Company, he returned home to England in 1890 suffering from exhaustion but died on board the P&O Steamship “Assam”.  The unusual surname occurred when his Harold’s grandfather Lovelace Bigg inherited land & property from his cousin who was the last of the Wither family, oddly enough Lovelace only changed his surname & those of his sons but the daughters kept the name Bigg. The authoress Jane Austen & Harris Bigg-Wither became engaged to marry but with 24 hours of accepting the proposal Jane changed her mind!  There is a fascinating book written by Rev. R. F. Bigg-Wither which details the links between the families & the magnificent properties that they owned Manydown & Tangier Parks

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