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Tom Pryce Award
Himalaya 2006

The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1937 Rolls-Royce 25/30 Franay Saloon.

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A rare and unusual car, believed to be one of just two 25/30s bodied by Franay of Paris. A project, but substantially built, with very sound structure and excellent door fit. The engine has been partially re-furbished, and runs well. Louvred bonnet, Marchal lamps, metric instrumentation, and various other touches all add to the continental character of this interesting light renovation project. Now UK registered, and therefore straightforward to register in any EEC country.

Chassis No. GRP33.                                Reg No. 926 YUL.                                £19,500.

Snippets:  Hotels, Casinos & Duke of Windsor, Legion d’Honneur:  Delivered to Daniel Dreyfus, a scion of the Dreyfus Banking family, at his home on Avenue Gabriel in Paris.  In 1928 Lucius Boomer, a New York Hotelier, attempted to acquire land on this exclusive avenue in order to build the “Finest Hotel In Paris”, the land was between the properties owned by Jean Stern & the reclusive Baron Edmond Rothschild; after they expressed their unhappiness at the situation the land was acquired from Boomer’s representatives with the new owner appearing to be Daniel Dreyfus.  No more mention of Mr Boomer & his Finest Hotel was ever made again!  From February 1939 to September 1945 (duration of WWII) GRP33 is shown to be registered in Monte Carlo to the Estonian born Hotelier & Casino millionaire William D Zimdin (1881/1951).  His first major international property transaction was the sale of Blucher Palace, Berlin to the American Government for them to use as their new Embassy.  Zimdin had purchased the Palace from the Bulcher Estate in 1920 for $6,620 & when he sold it just 10 years later to the USA it was for the sum of $1.7m - when Blucher found out how much profit Zimdin was making he took William Zimdin to court with the result that Zimdin had to pay $71,000 compensation to Blucher!  During the 1930s Zimdin sold his home - Villa Schezerade  in Dubrovnik to the Duke & Duchess of Windsor who were frequent visitors to the Dalmatian coast.  At the end of WWII Zimdin moved to California & began sending relief parcels to his friends & relatives in Europe to help them rebuild their lives & in 1948 he established the William Zimdin Foundation which today is known as Direct Relief International.   In September 1945 rather than take the car with him he sold it to none other than General Koenig (1898/1970) the Commander in Chief of the French Occupation Forces in Germany.   Koenig was a man unafraid of scandal & whilst he was stationed in both Africa & the Middle East he conducted an affair with his English Chauffeur – Susan Travers – who in 1996 was awarded the Legion d’Honneur by the French Foreign Legion for her role during WWII.  In 2000 she published “Tomorrow To Be Brave”, she died in 2003 aged 97.

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