20hp GUK34



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The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1926 Rolls-Royce 20hp Hooper Six Light Saloon.

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A charming, upright vintage saloon, in very sound condition, with various early features, such as an oval rear window, giving the car character and appeal. The coachwork is strong and substantial, attractive cosmetically without being pristine, and is absolutely correct. The underside is very clean, with a recent stainless steel exhaust system, and the engine bay is really excellently presented, being just as it should be and very smart indeed. Re-wired in correct, cotton-covered cable. A lovely car all round. 

Chassis No. GUK34.                              Reg No. BF 5972.                         £37,500.

Snippets:  Golf Clubs & a Royal Scandal

Delivered to Mr D K Hall of Sundridge in Eastbourne, both Mr & Mrs Hall were keen golf players  in 1927 Mr Hall won the Prichard Cup & in 1935 his wife won the Culmore Cup.  There is a note on the chassis card that GUK34 was originally destined for India - 1904 DK Hall had an opening handicap at the Calcutta Golf Club (opened in 1829 & is the oldest golf club outside the British Isles).  Their UK home of Sundridge had previously been owned by Robert Boyle, who in 1908 was a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London, after Robert Boyle’s death in 1921 Sir G. J. Fowler purchased the property of Sundrige – his son-in-law I. Geddes had been Captain of the Scottish Rugby XV in 1908 as was Geddes’ son in 1945.  During the 1930s the car was registered to Henry Edward Wiggett of Allanby Park in Binfield.  From various research it would appear that Allanby Park was inherited by General Sir Robert Sturges (son-in-law of H Wiggett) & in 1947 Allanby was sold to Major John Lycett Wills (tobacco).  His wife Jean Constance Elphinstone was 1st cousin to HRH Princess Margaret (Jean’s mother was Lady Mary Francis Bowes-Lyon elder sister of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon) & in 1955 at the height of the Princess Margaret / Captain Peter Townsend story Major & Mrs Wills acted as weekend hosts to Margaret & Peter whilst they discussed the possibility of marriage!  During the 1960 & 1970s GUK34 spent some time in the USA where she was restored by Thomas E Troxell of Coopersberg,  Thomas Troxell didn’t just deal in vintage cars he used them to their full potential & his favourite was a 1929 Model A Woodie which he built from parts, in 1990 he drove the Woodie some 14,000 miles around the world – Coopersberg - New York, London – Peking, Seattle – Coopersberg.

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