20hp GOK51



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The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1926 Rolls-Royce 20hp Drophead Dr's Coupe.

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A well-constructed and handsome Dr’s Coupe, built about twenty years ago, to a pre-war design, which, as well as having a large dickey seat, also has occasional seating behind the driver & passenger. The whole car is sound, correct-looking and nicely finished cosmetically, painted in two shades of blue, complimented by blue leather interior and matching blue mohair hood. Correct items include nickel radiator lamps and other brightwork, 21” wheels with Dunlop Fort tyres, which add to the authentic appearance and feel. Re-commissioned after a few years of storage, serviced, prepared and MoT tested until May 2014.

Chassis No. GOK51.                            Reg No. BW 9931.                          £55,000.


Maurice Treacy Molloy (1876/1965) was the son of James L Molloy an Irish poet, author & composer whose songs included “Never go to Sea on a Friday,” “Kerry Dance” & “Goin’ a-courting”.  Maurice himself was a land-agent who in 1906 met & commenced work for the American multi-millionaire Howard Gould (son of Jay Gould one of the “Robber Barons”).  In 1898 Howard had married the actress Katherine Clemmons who had prior to meeting Howard had conducted a “relationship” with the famous Wild West Showman “Buffalo” Bill Cody.   In 1909 Howard & Katherine divorce with Bill Cody being cited in the divorce proceedings, in spite of this Howard was ordered to pay some $36,000pa in alimony to her.  Maurice himself took the stand in defence of Howard’s allegations of Katherine’s conduct with regard to her consumption of champagne, brandy & other intoxicants!  During WWI  Maurice served with The King’s Own (Yorkshire Light Infantry) & later in Naval Intelligence.  On the chassis cards GOK51 is shown as having been registered at 170-173 Piccadilly, London – In 1812 William Bullock had commission Peter F Robinson to construct a building in which to house Bullock’s eclectic collection of items - Napoleon’s carriage, curiosities from Captain Cook’s tour of the South Seas amongst other items.  By 1825 George Lackington had acquired the Hall & used it for art exhibitions including works by Joseph Turner & the collection of pictures belonging to the Earl of Dudley.  In 1905 this magnificent building was demolished to make way for flats & offices.

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