20hp GAK33



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The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1924 Rolls-Royce 20hp Boat Tail Roadster.

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A delightful, open roadster, bodied in the 1970s, well constructed, and nicely painted and trimmed. The car has been with one owner in Australia for over thirty years, and in fact has just returned to the UK for the first time since 1925! In the early 1980s, considerable expenditure brought the car up to a good standard, and maintenance since then has kept it well to this day. Clean, tidy, running sweetly, driving well, and offered newly MoT tested and UK registered.

Chassis No. GAK33.                               Reg No. BF 6346.                           £45,000.

Snippets:  Life Saver Sweets to Penfold Wines

Ordered by David Alexander Craig (1887/1950) an Australian entrepreneur & one of the countrys earliest & most successful company promoters; D. A. Craig registered trademarks for soaps & salt; he took out patents for batteries (as an assignee for an American firm), he introduced Smith’s Crisps & Life Saver sweets to Australia and helped the firms Masonite Ltd & Boral to secure their places within the marketplace.  He married twice firstly to Margaret Bennie (died in 1925) with whom he had a son & secondly to Marina Graciela de Lopez; although Marina was from San Salvador they actually married whilst in London during 1928. The Craig’s had homes in Paris, London & of course Sydney at Darling Point, past & present residents of this elusive & exclusive location include Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise (Actors), Helen Reddy (Musician), Charles Kingsford Smith (Aviator), Gough Whitlan (PM of Australia) & Lara Bingle (Socialite).  GAK33 was shipped out on the SS Maloja, the interior of which had been designed by the Hon Elsie Mackay,(designer, aviatrix, actress) daughter of James Mackay (1st Earl Inchape).  The next name on the chassis card is that of Penfold Wines of Sydney – founded in 1844 by Dr Christopher Penfold & after his death in 1870 the winery was run by his widow Mary, upon her retirement in 1884 her daughter Georgina & son-in-law Thomas Hyland took over. In due course their sons Frank (1873/1948) & Leslie (1878/1940) (after having changed their surname by deed poll to that of Hyland-Penfold) took care of Penfolds which remained a family concern until the 1960s.  GAK33 remained with Frank & Gladys until his death in 1948, Gladys was a lady of generosity & in 1967 she donated her Phantom V (with 200miles on the clock) to the Royal Blind Society of NSW!  From 1948 to 1980 the car was with Neil Collins who had the car re-bodied by VM Engineering Ltd in the 1970s; in 1990 Neil entered the challenging Paris to Peking Rally in his 1920 Silver Ghost, he completed with only 3 punctures, a small bolt breaking on Magneto & the windscreen wipers literally “giving up the ghost”!

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