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Tom Pryce Award
Himalaya 2006

The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1936 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Vanden Plas 'Allweather' Tourer.

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A rare combination of good looks, four doors, wind up windows and a very late 20/25 chassis, make this car appealing, practical & very versatile, being well suited to both local jaunts and long distance touring. Different coachwork configurations include fully closed for poor weather conditions, fully open for sunny days, and  open with windows up to reduce draughts. As well as these very useful combinations, the car has large, wide-opening doors, making access nice & easy, unlike some tourers of the period.  The car is in good order throughout, nicely painted in beige & black, with an excellent fully lined hood in black. Impressive looking, with a full array of correct lamps and horns, sound structurally, good mechanically, running well, with a really lovely, quiet engine and driving very nicely indeed.  Also has an impressive set of original tools, concealed in a tray in the boot. A desirable car, in ready to use condition, MoT tested until February 2014.

Chassis No. GTK55.                                   Reg No. DLB 448.                             £75,000.

Snippets: Home of Jane Austen

Delivered to H. W. Hooper at Old Rectory, Harpsden which had been the childhood home of Jane Austen (1775/1817).  Her parents George Austen & Cassandra Leigh were wed in April 1764 and Cassandra’s “going away” outfit was a scarlet riding habit, quite apt for a lady named Cassandra!   Translated from Greek, Cassandra means ”she who entangles men”; according to Homer, Apollo, the Sun God, was in love with Princess Cassandra (daughter of King Priam & Queen Hecuba of Troy) but it was unrequited; this enraged Apollo so much that he placed a cursed upon her .  Cassandra was a prophetess but because of Apollo’s curse although her predictions were true no one ever believed her which in turn led to the downfall of Troy.  Although a major name in the literally world Jane Austen only actually completed 6 novels, 2 of which, namely Northanger Abbey & Persuasion were published posthumously in 1818.   Between 1953 & 1955 GTK55 was with Dr. McKeith in Norwich but just two years later she was with Aubrey Derwent Healing at Kingston Lodge, Lewes..  Like his father, Oswald Judd Healing, Aubrey was a Chartered Surveyor & worked with his father for George Corderoy & Co of Westminster & in 1935 Aubrey became partner of the firm, his father had been made partner in 1919.  Aubrey’s daughter Anna-Louise married in 1991 to Sir Walter Scott (4th Bnt), who passed away the following year, Anna-Louise is an acknowledge judge of the British Connemara.  Sir W. Scott’s Great-grandfather, also named Walter, was a Civil Engineer & Publisher who not only published works by Yeats, Shaw & George Moore but had constructed the first “Tube “ underground railway in London, opened in 1890 by Albert, Prince of Wales.  Walter was created a Baronet in 1907 and died in 1910 whilst on holiday at Hotel du Cap Martin in France. 

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