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The Real Car Co Ltd.

Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Park Ward Saloon.

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A particularly handsome car, in correct, honest and very sound condition, the doors closing with a lovely click, and perfectly aligned, which is always a good sign in terms of body structure condition. The paint and interior are both authentic, showing age, useable and appealing. Features include a full set of 6 Ace wheel discs, including those fitted to the twin side-mounted spare wheels, with a matching set of six new tyres and tubes fitted just a few miles ago. With an earlier owner for over 30 years, perfectly useable just as it is, perhaps with some improvements along the way. The engine was recently (2013) thoroughly overhauled, with new all new main and big end bearings, new pistons & liners, cam followers, etc, etc, and a new clutch. Offered serviced, prepared and newly MoT tested until October 2015.

Chassis No. GHG20.                                                         Reg No. DL 9939.                                           £35,000.

Snippets:  Chemists & Conveyor Belts:   Horace Edgar Bowles (1st owner) was an analytical chemist &in 1919 he was sued by his wife Louisa for “Judicial Separation; she claimed that although his income was some £1,000pa “in 17years he gave her only 4 dresses & as they had no servants she had to do all the housework, look after the children & do the washing, her life was one of worry, disappointment & trouble”.  After hearing the case Judge Coleridge dismissed her petition commenting “if a wife turned a gloomy countenance on all family enjoyment ...... then she had only herself to thank if the husband were sometimes a little indifferent.” After Louisa’s death in 1958 Horace remarried in 1959 to Louisa’s younger sister – Agnes Michel Vance.  At the time of their marriage Horace was 85 & Anges 76!  Horace & Louisa’s eldest son Francis George Labour MP was created a Life Peer in 1964, he later became Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard & Gov’t Deputy Chief Whip in the House of Lords.  In 1936 GHG20 was with the Johnson family at 15 Lyon Road, Harrow which in 1936 was the same address for Truvox Ltd – a radio & gramaphone company founded by Daniel Prenn a German-Jew who was a leading Tennis player – at the start of WWII due to Prenn’s Jewish heritage he was not permitted to play for Germany & he emigrated to the UK.  In January 1945 GHG20 was with her 3rd owner – Serge Charles Bentley an inventor who together with Israel Pomerance patented several inventions relating to machines used for the harvesting of potatoes & other root crops, namely conveyor belts.   The 4th owner was Nicholas Harrison a director of Trilite Ltd – the Trilite inhaler had been developed in S. Africa as a method of being able to deliver anesthetic to injured soldiers during WWII.

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